“If you want your marriage repaired soon, and if you want a counselor who REALLY cares about you, then Rose Banker is the therapist for you. We've tried other therapists in the area and have been sorely disappointed”
-J.R. Ramos
Despair, according to the dictionary is the "the complete absence of hope". Despair had found me. It was then that I began destroying my family, my marriage, and ultimately myself. I never knew my despair had a name, and it was Bipolar Disorder. Through the love of my family, and Mrs. Rose Banker, I am a different person. I have been set free. Mrs. Banker's gentle guidance and her professionalism was paramount to the acceptance of my diagnosis. I was both skeptical and fearful of the medication needed to help me. It quickly changed my entire life, and the life of my family. It was as though the poison drained from me and I saw life as I had never been able to for years. Mrs. Banker continued to counsel me and my entire family. She explained that healing for my family and I would take time.  We are beginning to have quality of life for the first time in years. There is no way I would have accepted my diagnosis if it had been done in any other way. She has been a pivotal person in my life and the life of my family. I thank the Lord for leading me to her. I am humbled by her care, and in awe at her persistence. Mrs. Banker, you will forever have mine and my family's respect and gratitude
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